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HoneyBaked Gift Cards Fundraiser

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A delicious way to support

Princess Anne Crew Club (PACC), is a high school student rowing team located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We would love to tell you about our team and seek your support. Organized as a nonprofit 501(c)3, PACC is supported by the labor and dedication of our coaches, rowers, and parents. Our coaches are volunteers and our club is funded entirely through dues, donations, and team fundraising. PACC receives no funding from the city or the local school system. In fact, a local, private citizen is kind enough to allow us to row out of her backyard, giving us access to the water. Why support a student our rowing club? Rowing is our athletes' passion; they have opportunities to which they would not otherwise be exposed. The benefits for these student athletes are far reaching, beyond the physical and beyond their years as high school students. The athletes develop dedication, leadership and esprit de corps, cultivating a family like camaraderie amongst the team. Rowing is physically demanding and requires incredible stamina and dogged determination. These qualities often result in rowers becoming attractive candidates for college scholarships. In fact, statistics reflect that 1 in 8 female rowers are offered scholarships! The financial burden to maintain the PACC operation is heavy and includes but is not limited to equipment repairs, providing safety gear, and regatta fees. These continuing expenses are offset by club dues and student led fundraisers such as this one with Honey Baked Ham. Some aspects of keeping the club afloat take a more substantial monetary effort though, such as replacing our aging boats - the average, used, four-person boat can cost up to $10,000, a fee beyond our club's capabilities. Donations from generous sponsors will assist our student athletes beyond measure. We thank you for your support! - PA CREW


There are so many ways to enjoy HoneyBaked. Every Honey Baked Ham is fully cooked & ready to serve, so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with family. Underneath that sweet, crunchy glaze is the leanest, most flavorful, moist & tender ham you'll find anywhere. Whether it's our signature ham, tender turkey, delicious desserts or our tasty Heat & Serve sides, you know you'll be serving the best.. And your favorite home-made sandwich of the year on December 26th can be enjoyed all year long when you come in to HoneyBaked for lunch!

You can use your HoneyBaked Gift Card to shop online or in-store at any HoneyBaked location nationwide. And the most satisfying part? 20% of your purchase goes directly to support the fundraiser.

  • $25

    • Red Velvet, Coffee, or Carrot Cake
    • Lunch Sandwich Combos
    • Pecan, Apple, Pumpkin Pie
  • $50

    • Turkey Breast: Roasted & Smoked
    • Signature Meat & Cheese Platter
    • Boneless & Mini Hams
  • $100

    • 8lb Half Ham
    • Whole Turkeys
    • Large Signature Meat & Cheese Platter
    • And so much more...